Career sites are key to an exceptional candidate experience. But, what if your ATS doesn’t offer slick and modern career sites? Time to look beyond the ATS and create career sites that truly WOW!

What are the key aspects to look at, while evaluating the job posting capabilities of an Applicant Tracking System? A short overview, including insider tips from an HR Technology practitioner.

Job posting is a multi-channel activity that goes beyond posting to job boards. Illustration by Jiju Vengal.

Does your ATS provide tools for compliance to Personal Data Protection laws? Source: Freepik

Reach Level 5 and apply for the job. Bringing the zing in recruitment through simple bits of gamification.

Offboarding or Off’bore’ding: A bland and forgettable experience? Image source: Unsplash

Jiju Vengal

Musings on HR and HR technology. Drawing on decade long experience leading large scale HR Tech. programmes. Ex Oracle consulting leader for Taleo in SE Asia.

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